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     Here is the reference I said I would send. I figured I better get it done before I leave for the deer opener in Pa tomorrow. Can you send me Eddie's
Email address?
Thanks once again

I had been planning this hunt for 4 years and this was my present to myself after retiring with 28 years in the Navy the previous December. , I arrived at
Newberry on Saturday morning in my RV and waited in a parking lot for Kevin to meet me. I followed him to the spot he had for me and set up. This was the
beginning of the best week of hunting I have ever had. That day even with the rain we went and looked for bear tracks. We found a couple small ones but
nothing big enough to put dogs on. That afternoon I went to one of the 3 baits Kevin had set up for me. As I was walking in to set up my blind at 2pm there
was already a bear on the bait, even though small (125 lbs) it still makes you feel good. In the first 3 days of hunting on the bait I videotaped 8 bear, 6 of
which were different. I passed on bears up to 175lbs. Wednesday I shoot a 191 lb black bear at 38yards through the neck, no tracking. We ran dogs for
the next 4 days and also treed and shot a 178 lb bear on Sunday.  

All this being said, the week I had was less than ideal as far as weather went. Almost 7 inches of rain, warmer than normal and the end of the second
season. But that did not stop me from seeing 9 bears in 4 days on bait. Kevin also set me up with 4 wheeler to get to the blinds and a truck to get around
while I was there since I just had the RV. Kevin and his dad turned into friends after the first day and the money it cost to hunt there just helps them fund
their hobby, it is not one of the canned hunts on cold baits and they run the dogs even with the bad weather. I will hunt with them again, just wish I did not
have to wait to get the points.

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